Friday, May 25, 2012

Starting New Fabrique: Window Garden

Not that you can actually see them, but the cuts that will form this picture are already made into the foam board. If you look really closely, you can make out the window frame in the picture. 

I've done this one before, but this time I will double the size to two boards, so that it makes a diptych with each side of the picture able to stand alone.

When I started this project two weeks ago, I enlarged the pieces too much and they did not fit on the foam boards. Even this time, they were too big, until the nice man at Kinko's came over to help me out. Actually, I was planning to make this into four Fabriques, but came to my senses when I had to go back and re-enlarge.  Two is quite enough and I like that both parts are good alone.  When it was going to be four, the lower left quadrant didn't make much of a picture by itself, as you can see.

It took me an evening to trace the enlargements onto the board, including the one-inch margins, cutting the lines in, and going back over each line with the seam ripper, so that it's all nice and open for the fabric.  Sometimes I just wait to go around each individual space with the seam ripper as I get to it, but this time I just did the whole thing at once.

So today I will begin to insert some fabric.
By Bedtime this is what is done.  Looks as if I will have to lower the right panel table to get it in line with the left. Don't you love the newspaper? Also, not so sure about the stems in the vase.

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